After a detailed eye examination, a suitable spectacle frame of most internationally known brands, is to be selected.

All Internationally known spectacle lenses for visual correction are available to be dispensed and fitted to any spectacle frames.

Contact Lenses
All known types and brands of contact lenses are professionally fitted and dispensed for the correction of visual errors.

A system that enables ophthalmic tints in the form of lenses and contact lenses to be chosen according to subjective assessment of its effects on perception and visual comfort. Specific tinted lenses are chosen and prescribed for therapeutic purposes for dyslexia, migraine and visual discomforts.

Chromagen System
Specialised Tinted Contact lenses or spectacle lenses are used for the treatment or colour vision deficiencies. We are the Sole Agencie for Southern Africa.

Artificial Eyes
Professional fitting of artificial eyes and shells out of stock or custom made.

Eye Examination
Consists of measuring any optical errors of focussing, evaluating the efficiency of the two eyes working together and deciding whether to prescribe some form of optical correction or treatment to improve binocular functioning of the eyes.

Laser Surgery (Lasik)
We perform preliminary tests to ascertain whether an eye is suitable for this lasik procedure.

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